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    In any regard I can't find the Taibbi article that I wanted Cyrus to read, although he was written many. He was a Sanders guy for sure but I do think his portrayal of the Democratic Party is bang on.
    I’m quite familiar with Taibbi as I recently unsubscribed from his “Useful Idiots” podcast, for the same reason that I stopped listening to Rumble. Based on the hours I’ve spent listening to him, I have to disagree with you about the validity of his portrayal of the Democratic Party; he’s on par with Michael Moore with regards to how much in the tank he is/was for Sanders, only he’s even more sanctimonious about it. Taibbi and his co-host seem to enjoy a good conspiracy theory, like their foes on the opposite end of the political spectrum. The end for me was their suggestion that it was Obama who coerced Sanders to suspend his campaign and endorse Biden.

    Ironically, Sanders and his supporters shared a common trait with Donald Trump and his supporters in that they both love to play the victim card. Rather than accept defeat or admit mistakes, they find excuses. The fact is, African American voters aren’t too fond of Bernie Sanders, largely because of his stand against Obama in 2012; he blew it with that group in 2016, and it was even worse this year. None of the early primaries were in the south, which is Obama & Biden country. African Americans love Biden because he was the epitome of a loyal partner and subordinate to Obama. Sanders then pissed off African Americans even more by releasing a commercial that was twisted to convince viewers that Obama was a supporter of his in this year’s primaries. Then Sanders’ followers really pissed off African Americans by questioning the legitimacy of Biden’s primary victories in the south. Rightly or wrongly, they took that as a message that Sanders’ followers don’t believe that black votes count the same as the white votes in the early primary states. The black vote and historical centre-left stance of the Democrats is what beat Sanders in 2020.

    Anyways GHF, as much as I like a healthy political debate, here’s to hoping that this virus is put under control and you and I get the chance to have a back and forth about the Huskies’ chances on the gridiron is this fall! I’m sure we’d both look forward to that.
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