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To say that Canada was no better than the USA would be completely false.

We made mistakes, but we were testing for it right away. At one point early in the crisis, Alberta was testing more people per day than the USA as a whole had tested during the pandemic. The reason it got out of control so quickly in the US is that they did not have early testing, so they had no idea the locations and extent of the infection. It was allowed to silently spread through the nation for about a month before they did much of anything about it.

We were also the ones to initiate the discussion about closing the Canada-US border. It has been quite clear throughout this that Canada was more prepared, and taking it more seriously. We also made our share of mistakes. On a lot of issues Canadians are often content to say "at least we're better than the US". It is hard not to always compare to our big neighbour whose culture is we're inundated with all the time, but we should really aim a bit higher than that.
The problem in the US, is their leader dismissed the seriousness of the virus to begin with, said it would disappear. He didn't seem to listen to some of the experts.
It was downplayed in it's early stages. So they got a late start in responding.




Yes, Canada did take it more seriously. But we also made a lot of mistakes.
There is that and the USA are a much larger tourist destination - or travel hub, with cruise ships, people traveling out of NYC, California, Florida, etc at that time of year
So they had more people to begin with coming into their country who had the virus

We did take our time shutting down the borders, flights however.

Since March 13, 158 flights have come into Canada with a confirmed case of COVID-19 on board

Just yesterday Amnesty International calls on Canada to open border to refugees from the U.S.


Canada closed its borders to all foreign nationals except for US citizens

We still have flights coming in and departing