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The patient was Joe Average, i.e. a laid off security guard, and he received an immediate test and results within 24 hours too.

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Correct. He was a patient who was in contact with a nurse. They wanted to get her back to work so he got bumped to the front so they could get all the data for her. If his doc had sent him in for testing he would not have been bumped and the wait could be a week.
Thursday morning one of our employees, on one of the job sites I look after, reported that he had developed a cough after work Wednesday. Our Covid-19 policy kicked in. We had to inform the plant owner. Ten trades people were sent home before they started work. Extensive cleaning was done, etc.. The employee was told he had to be tested for SARS-CoV-2, have a negative result and be symptom free before he could return to work.

The employee was a 20-yr-old pipe-fitter apprentice = Joe Average. He had no relatives who were health care workers. He was tested Thursday afternoon and I was informed of his negative result before 9:30 this morning. It was less than 18 hours from test-time to results for a Joe Average. He'll be back to work Monday. It took a while but the "system" in Ontario is working.