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Thread: Football and Covid-19

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    Very well said Gilligan. It's important to really look at the facts in this, or the world stands to learn nothing. That would be an even bigger tragedy than what we are already up against.
    It is just devastating what has been happening.
    And it is good that this is being exposed for what it is.
    It has become political and unfortunately this pandemic has spread to our most vulnerable
    Much of the quick spread of this virus and devastation is closely related to the care given at some nursing homes, how they treat both their employees and residents. For some it is a cash grab, taking advantage of seniors and employees
    Some employees work at several nursing homes to make ends meet. they receive minimal hours, not enough to sustain themselves. Also, many receive minimum wage, no benefits. So they work several, which brings with it a risk of cross contamination.
    It took covid19 to expose weaknesses in our systems, unpreparedness, from medical equipment, facilities, health care workers, scientists, retail, transportation, housing, political. The list goes on. We can't afford to have this minimized, or we will learn nothing from this, worldwide. Our seniors, and all those who died, or got sick from this deserve better - more.
    Take a look at this horror story about the owners of the Roslyn long term care in hamilton, and other similar long term care they own. It's horrific. Hopefully they face charges. Much has to change.
    Hopefully we all learn from this. Additionally, I'd also like to see more products manufactured locally, like they used to be. It would help with employment, quality, production. It might cost more $$, but there's a lot more benefits than downside.
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