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Thread: Football and Covid-19

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    The Covid-19 Sports Mask.

    For anybody looking for a mask to wear when out grocery shopping etc--here is one. They are made in Ottawa by a small company run by a couple of uOttawa grads. They are sold online at

    Note: these are not medical grade masks that will stop viruses getting through it. They are meant only for healthy people who are practicing social distancing. They do not replace social distancing. They are to be worn as a supplement to social distancing, not a replacement for it.

    Wash or sanitize your hands immediately before touching and putting on the mask. Wash your hands immediately upon taking off the mask, and wash and dry the mask before using it again.

    We are making personal-use face-masks as an additional level of protection against the external elements. With a shortage in medical masks, this is an available option to support the COVID-19 pandemic by enabling healthy people to access a personal-use face-mask option.
    Our SportsMasks are washable, comfortable and effective as a barrier from the wearer’s ejection of respiratory secretions from the nose & mouth. The SportsMasks are made with existing scrap material that didn’t make it through production the first time around and have been given a new life.

    These masks should be used by healthy people who are practicing social distancing yet still want additional protection when they are in unavoidable crowded situations.

    During production, all social distancing protocols set out by the Federal Government are respected. The masks are washable, reusable, and colourful! Additionally before shipping, each mask is spritzed with a mild soap solution for freshness and sanitization. Each package ordered contains 2 or 3 masks.
    We encourage everyone to stay home and stop the spread. By purchasing a Thawrih SportsMask you have enabled our frontline medical staff to access to more medical-grade masks because you chose to wear this supplemental mask instead.These masks will be made available for as long as social-distancing is enforced by the Federal Government in all the provinces.
    BE SAFE. STAY SAFE. #FlattentheCurve

    Sports Mask Elastic (2 Pack)
    Regular price$20 CAD

    Sports Mask EarLoop (3 Pack)

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