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They probably will appoint an interim coach to take care of housekeeping and then have lots of time to find a good coach for 2021.

If there is no 2020 football season, how does that affect the contracts that CFL and CIS coaches currently have for 2020? Does it mean many of them will become free agents? Could be a lot of experienced coaches be up for grabs soon.

The CFL is in greater danger of being disrupted because their season starts much earlier than does the CIS.

Is Steve Bryce a good coach? Does anyone think that uOttawa should consider hiring him?
Apparently it depends a lot on how contracts are written up. For CFL players, if the standard contracts are worded the same as they used to be, a lost season still burns a year off of their contracts.

I would think that junior football is in even more danger than CIS. Their season starts even earlier, especially in BC. I suppose they could always shift their season a bit later to mirror USports football, which would put them in the same boat.