If I'm not mistaken, Landsowne as a whole has not been all that successful financially. For that reason, moving all of the 67s games out of the area may not be an ideal solution for OSEG.

It is unfortunate that they did not identify this back when the south stands were condemned and then rebuilt. How is it that both sides of this stadium managed to deteriorate without anyone noticing? When the south end was condemned, that actually ended up being a wonderful thing for the CFL and OSEG. Prior to that Ottawa had the worst stadium lease in the league, which was a factor in the death of the Renegades. With the old stands collapsing, suddenly the city had a reason to come to the table come to the table and work with private ownership, rather than just offering onerous lease terms to an outdated building. The city didn't want to rebuild those stands on their own dime while they had no major tenant, but they also didn't want to lose the stadium entirely, so they had a motivation to work with OSEG on a rebuild.

Unfortunately it seems very hard to get anything done in Ottawa. The Landsdowne redevelopment had to survive years of legal challenges. The downtown arena has turned into an even bigger fiasco. A rebuild of the north stands and arena has the potential to bring in all of the challenges of both developments into one project. Not fun.