Of the many issues with a super-league or tiering, OUA remains the toughest one.

RSEQ is easy to tier (with its teams likely seeing the benefit of doing so), and AUS sticks together in a second tier. You could easily see Canada West sticking together as the western division of a tier 1 league. Perhaps they don't all deserve that status, but the conference doesn't split from either a competitive or geographic sense. This year's 4th place team was 1 play away from beating the eventual Vanier champion (giving them their only close game of the playoffs), and this year's 6th place team is the one that had won the Vanier most recently. It is hard to exclude anyone, and not feasible to leave just a team or two behind on their own.

The problem is filling out an eastern division of this mythical league. Montreal and Laval are obvious, but how could you do a clean split of OUA? Not only does it not spilt easily, it is likely that they don't want to split. If they don't want to and don't see a benefit to it, how do you make it work? That'd be a tough one to crack.