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Thread: Could there be a shift of power - momentum in the OUA in 2020?

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    I have Mac taking over in 2020 but Guelph is turning heads with their high quality recruiting class. 2021 may be a different story. QB Evan Hillock has a very high ceiling. If Guelph can get him game time early he may be the starter by playoff time 2020. This kid has huge potential. I'm curious what QB Michael Warner is thinking right now. OG Ethan Pyle will likely have an immediate impact. Hocevar is another top recruit in the trenches. I see a boost on defense as well. It is still early but this could easily be Guelph's best recruiting class in recent memory. If Guelph can bring in a dominant pass rusher...
    Evan Hillock's flip from Guelph to Western is disappointing to say the least.

    Western's recruiting has really picked up steam in recent weeks, making it a two-horse race for top recruiting class in the OUA and with the Mustangs having most of the momentum. Most of that momentum has come with commitments from 5 or 6 top players in BC.

    As for the Hillock switch, he was the QB who was gaining most of the headlines this season (well deserved given his record with STM) but Michael Warner was actually the higher rated QB according to CFC. Warner dropped off the radar when he went to a North Carolina prep school for his 12B year.

    I took the time this week to have a further look at Guelph's other QB commit - Ethan Chambers of Catholic Central SS [London ON]. He is a legit USports talent who has garnered less attention because he is a year younger than Hillock and Warner. According to Will Finch's blog, people assumed he was c/o 2021. He passed for 3,000 yards and 20 TDs in Grade 11. Anyways, Chambers and Warner give Guelph two excellent QB prospects with room to sign one more.

    I'm not sure if Western is done recruiting quarterbacks but they've signed 3 in the past 10 days - Hillock, Sam LaRoue (Surrey BC) & Karis Saplys (Toronto via NH prep school).

    Queen's also has a high-quality class of recruits, just many fewer of them.

    After Guelph, Western and Queen's there is a large drop-off to the rest of the league. One real surprise is that McMaster hasn't been able to turn the momentum of their outstanding 2019 season into more recruiting success. The other surprise is Carleton: I've only seen five Raven recruits, and one transfer, announced. None of them are from Ontario. In year's past, Carleton has been quick out of the gate with announcements.

    There is still time left in this recruiting cycle. Just remember how much talent Ryan Sheahan added to his first Guelph recruiting class between May and August last year. The problem for some schools is that the pool of top talent in Ontario isn't what it was just a few years ago, with this province hard-hit by declining participation. The OUA schools without the resources and networks to recruit out of province may be in trouble.
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