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Very good recruiting class last year, on QB's, and this year Queen's has also done well. Like you say a few more key positions at OL and secondary, and who knows, you might be ahead of Western. Queen's is certainly moving in the right direction.
Um.....that is after Mac.....LOL
All joking aside, Mac is a bit slow on recruiting this year, probably because we lost Galloway to Laurier. But, it's not over yet.
Queen's has put together very good recruiting classes two years in a row. I expect they'll be a contender in another year or two.

Mac's recruiting class was mediocre at best. They did recruit some excellent talent on the D-Line. Overall, I'd put their class about 8th of the 11 OUA classes. They were among the OUA's top 4 recruiting classes last year.

I think if you look at the OUA's top recruiting classes (my rankings) in recent years you will get a pretty good idea of which programs will be contending for the Yates Cup.

2020 - Western, Guelph, Carleton, Queen's
2019 - Carleton, Guelph, Queen's, Mac
2018 - Western, Guelph, Carleton
2017 - Western, Guelph

If I had to pick a dark horse based on recruiting, it would be Ottawa. They've consistently had good classes, just below the elite level, giving new HC Marcel Bellefeuille some talent to work with.