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Well done Gilligan I really like this.....

For some reason I don't like the thought of 12/27 having a shot at the Vanier.....but the ratio isn't all that different from what we see in other traditional sports (NBA/Hockey, and well CFL for that matter)....I'm a bit hung up on the exclusivity of it....but I'm sure that will pass.

Layout is great (the thought of 4/5 of the RSEQ making the playoffs as it has been since the departure of Bishops' just seems wrong to me)....I was going to question/suggest that the RSEQ move to an AUS style 1st gets a bye and 2 hosts 3....no need for 2 semi's.
Technically we already have 17/27 in the overall Vanier bracket if you include the conference playoffs. This would reduce that 16 teams, by getting rid of the outlier where 4 of 5 are qualifying in RSEQ.

It is rather interesting how the conferences all handled having 5 teams differently. Back when Canada West was at 5 teams, only the top 2 made the playoffs. AUS has the top 3 making it (and even did so when they had 4 teams). RSEQ stuck with the top 4 making it, even when they dropped down a team. Perhaps that was financially motivated, as it ensures that Laval has another home game on the schedule, rather than a bye.