I don't think 35-50 dollars is that bad a price for the Vanier. For me to attend the Vanier at Laval, and I would have if McMaster got through, would mean a few hotel rooms for a few nights, probably 4 plane tickets, a couple of really expensive dinners, and if we're having a lot of fun then who knows what other expenses. Tickets would be the least of worry.

I also thought USports wanted a guaranteed $250,000 in advance for the Vanier, I don't remember where I read that.

6700 tickets at 37 dollars/each puts them pretty close to break even, without any consideration to other costs.

When the Vanier was in Toronto (2012) almost every OUA school had representation at the game, coaches, bringing recruits, alumni etc. Being local obviously all travel costs for everyone in the area. I don't know the final attendance but I'd guess it was very high.