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Biiiiigg catch by the Rouge & Or
WR Kevin Mitale 2018 MVP and 2018 Cegep Div 1 Champion with Cegep Andre Grasset
Mitale had accepted and offer from NCAA Div 1 Syracuse last august. He will be coming back north .

On the Island of Doom side , I haven't seen it confirmed but....rumors are that Les Carabins are losing the excellent DD Redha Kramdi.
He would be transferring to NCAA div 1 Youngstown State U OHIO.
Big catch indeed to cap off a fantastic 2020 recruiting class! Now let's hope these rookies will get a chance to show what they can do on a football field this Fall.

Isn't Kramdi in his fourth or fifth year? He seems a bit old to transfer to the NCAA. That would be a major loss for the Montréal defense.