What everybody seems to forget is that AUS teams play for local interest, and local interest they get. On a pro-rata basis, attendance to games beats all other conferences. Streaming coverage is, IMRO, the best in the country, which allows fans to follow conference games wherever they might be.

Another factor is that most every recruit joining an AUS team do not have a national championship in mind. Same applies to some 80% of teams in all conferences. You can't tell me that recruits going to York, Toronto or Windsor primarily join those teams to win a VC. Sure, winning a national championship would be nice, but that kind of fever in the AUS only starts when teams reach the Loney bowl.

Real fans across the country know bloody well that AUS teams will not be competitive for years to come, regardless of what changes USports may initiate. Surprisingly, a lot of fans from other conferences follow AUS football for the simple reasons that game results are unpredictable throughout season, as evidence by Slew's polls.

So, resign yourself to the ups and down of the current situation. Bitching as much as you want about the AUS will not change the fact that the level of AUS football is much more entertaining that anywhere else in the country.

Long live the AUS...