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Thread: Huskies/Dinos Hardy Cup Wrap Up

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    Default Huskies/Dinos Hardy Cup Wrap Up

    Thank you to the graduating Huskies for all of their effort and dedication.

    You can't play that poorly and make so many mistakes on offence and special teams against good teams.

    Congratulations to the Dinos! I hope that Sinagra is able to return next week. Good luck!

    The Positives

    -Defence kept you in the game for 40 minutes - Dhielly looked especially good.
    -Jesse Kuntz was a lone bright spot among our receivers.

    -Defence didn't allow Saskatchewan's weak receiving corps to get any separation.
    -Both Philpot brothers were on the receiving end of a pitch and catch game in the second half.
    -Joseph played great in relief of Sinagra
    -Rodriguez is the second best RB in CanWest, and he looked very good today.

    The Negatives
    -Time for special teams coordinator Jerry Friesen to retire or be replaced; the special teams set a terrible tone today: two shitty long snaps, a missed short field goal, returner #87 again ineffective in punt returning. That unit was garbage 2 of the last 3 weeks.
    -Nyhus makes too many bad mistakes. He needs to make better decisions next year. The first half offence was a comedy of errors.
    -Finley Easton alligator armed a pass he should have caught, and then on the next play airmailed his punter with a long snap.
    -Receivers were incapable of getting separation. If Flory and his staff don't overhaul this unit prior to next season, then this team won't realize the potential it has. With 6 minutes left, and down 3 scores, we had to rely on our M.V.P. running back - that more than anything else tells you all you need to know about that group.
    -As good as Jesse Kuntz was today, he's not dynamic enough to be a feature receiver for us. He's a nice piece to the incomplete puzzle though.
    -Athletic receivers against our DB's is a mismatch. CB Charlie Ringland needs to take a big step forward or Flory needs to recruit a viable replacement (Nixen Voll, the CB on the other side of the field, didn't distinguish himself either today).
    -I like 3rd down gambles near the goal line, but, not with only 3 seconds left in the half. If there were a few minutes left, then a failed attempt leaves you the opportunity to stuff Calgary's offence and get the ball back in good field position.

    -Several first half mistakes of their own, on offence, gave Saskatchewan every chance to win this game.

    It'll be interesting to see how things go on the recruiting trail over these next couple of months.
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