I watched the game on CanWest TV.

Just some quick comments....I knew the Huskies were going to pay when they couldn’t score in the first half. They seemed to drive the field and then constantly stall...miss short field goal, throw interception, fumble, whatever. I felt that the Huskies controlled the first half, could have scored 21 points and came away with 1. Then with Machart injured it seemed to go downhill from there. He is an amazing running back.

Nyhuis seemed to have trouble finding open receivers in the second half, maybe they just weren’t open as previously suggested. Was Piok hurt or where was he? This was Nyhus’s first full season, compared to last year with a veteran QB, playing the Hardy in Calgary, that makes a huge difference. He will only improve based on this experience.

Calgary didn’t do anything exceptional, but they were able to win the time of possession game and wear the Huskie defence down. Rodriquez was solid and our old Okanagan Sun QB did great when he came into the game in relief. The Dino receiving core is just stronger. I have no idea how the Dinos will match up with McMaster, but home field is an advantage. Good luck to the Dinosaurs.