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    Default AUS and Mt.A

    I am going to make a prediction and pick Mt. A to pull the AUS out. Have been watching them closely this year and they have lost many close games and are not a 3-4 team. I think they will hand Acadia their first loss this weekend coming up and then have home field advantage for the semi. Which will be SMU if they beat X or if SMU lose will be Bishops. Mt. holds the tie breakers with both SMU and Bishops and SMU holds the tie breaker with Bishops. This oline plays really together and they have a swarming offense.

    OUA - how about the Ravens...are they peaking at the right time...two big wins to get in the playoffs

    Q - Laval still the top team, when it comes to playoffs they are a different beast

    West - who knows, everyone is beating everyone right bad UBC figured it out a little late
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