It is with great sadness that I must report one of our member's inexcusable behavior.

We all have to behave in public and we try to be tolerant of sinners but there are limits!

He said and I quote:

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(...)And with Laval hosting the 2019 Vanier cup, does that mean an Ontario team gets the pleasure dine on poutine, or will a CW team be the lucky recipient?

Was in Montreal over the summer. Had some of that wretched stuff.
He really said "Wretched stuff"!

Just calling poutine "stuff" is enough to throw the gauntlet down but he goes so far as to say WRETCHED!

If duels were still permitted, I'd be the first of thousands to throw my glove to your face!

If you want forgiveness, you'll have to do better than prostrate at my feet begging for pardon!

I pronounce your penance to be to go to a restaurant and eat a large poutine. After this, you'll tell everybody how good it is and thank your god that a quebecer stole the receipt from god.