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Thread: Top 5 CIS QB's for 2019 + 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenris View Post
    A long time ago (Not that far away), I've stopped reading Cycle guy's post when they're more than a few lines long.
    You had me focused on poutine too much - which translated into a long post.....This is what thinking of poutine does.....

    Anyway, long story short... When a team is stacked with talent, sometimes a QB & coaching staff appear better than they are. Similarly on a team that isn't stacked with talent, i.e. doesn't have a strong Oline, rb's, rec's, DEF, the QB & coaching staff don't get enough credit.

    Back to poutine.... Hamilton doesn't have a poutine place like I experienced in Montreal.
    So.... I am going to try my luck in TO or maybe according to this, may have to travel to Guelph.

    Question for you: Who wins the HEC this year?
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    Everything goes in cycles!

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