Yes Sidoo really put his mark on the program! This is typical UBC..they do well then hit the tank. The alumni is not really strong. Loosing Orezzeti (sp) hurt...he had the connections for recruiting. Nill is just tired....he is like a great teacher who when faced with huge changes in the system may not have the energy to ride it out. The Sidoo fiasco will also also effect who comes into coach..ya I think the program is n trouble...which is really sad. I always feel for the athletes as hey get caught in the middle....since 2000 off field decisions, power struggles off the field, the desire to obtain personal goals by staff behind the scenes has not been good for the program, except for a 4 year period when the program was directed by Sidoo, and it turns out that he wasn't doing for the program, or the athletes, it was personal ambition...sad. But as a true fan...I will always watch and hope!