Originally planned for a 14:00 kickoff with a 30min pregame show at 13:30 on TVASPORTS 1 it is replaced by an MLB game.

Moving the game to TVASPORTS 2 is not possible because Sherbrooke refused to move the game to an earlier time ( it would have need to be noon ) so that the game would not overlap the NHL Tampa @ Ottawa pre-game show scheduled for 15:30.

IMHO sparring their viewers the " incredibly boring " hockey pre-game show would have been doing them a favor.
The opening and closing graphics are usually more informative and exciting than anything said in between

The same logic holds true for not broadcasting the Laval @ McGill game instead of the one in Sherbrooke....the 13:00 kickoff doesn't allow enough time for the game not to overlap the half hour of "mind numbing drivel " prior to the Hockey Game . It would , IF , the game had a Noon start but I don't know if TVA even asked McGill ,
my money is on "they didn't bothered...or even thought about asking. "

Don't get me wrong...I'm not crying over NOT having to watch another game of the Smurfs, especially since the only serious question about the game is...which team will managed to keep it's penalty yardage UNDER 180y. I'm just surprised that Sherby who needs all the visibly it can beg, borrow or buy, wouldn't move the kickoff time.