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    I heard 3 but that was 3 weeks ago so it could be worse for them.
    Yah that sucks for us. Hopefully ours get healthy fast. With injuries on OL, we won't get far and it's not reflective of the talent we have everywhere else.

    Looks like U of T only has 4- 5 healthy OL.
    Total of 7 OL they can use. Can't win with that.
    Hopefully our guys get healthy fast. I would not like to see us lose to Waterloo. That said if we do, hopefully Waterloo kicks butt in the matchup to follow. Waterloo has a great Off but Def is very weak. Would like to see this team get more talent on Def. With Tre & Company and a strong DEF it would be hard to stop this team. It's good that the OUA seems to be more competitive this year and literally anything can happen....not good for determining who's going to win in the Pool though.
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