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    Quote Originally Posted by peter.gryphon View Post
    Try? Good luck with that.

    He was 2 of 5 with a long of 16 yards before tonight.
    Still better than going for it with Keenan throwing the ball, especially given the accuracy issues.

    Once again, the best idea possible is to just rush the ball as often as possible until it's on an average doable range. The Gaels had a solid night rushing once again, so just keep going until 20/25/30, idgaf. Sometimes I feel like the Gaels don't rush enough...

    EDIT : On a separate note, Gaels do have that huge void on special team coaching, especially on kicking team part of things. There's whole issue with lack of progress by its kickers since Worsley I think?, but it's gotten worse. Losing Phil Roberts to Ottawa is one thing, but kicking issue dates beyond his departure.
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