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The vaunted offense for Toronto was held to a few hundred yards. Mac played ok, sloppy at times and failed to score settling for FGs. I'm not sure I see the difference between this game or York, both managed to wins, both with lots of starters not dressed.

If McMaster plays well offensively in the playoffs they'll contend. I think defensively they'll hold their own.
Agree, we'll hold our own on D, and should do well in the playoffs, as long as we are consistent on Off.
U of T, had an off day it seems. This year, several teams are having 1 of those. Even Laval managed only 143 total yards against Mtl. Con U did better against them. Odd.....however today Laval had a spectacular game 74 - 0 against Con U. https://usports.ca/en/sports/football/m/events/3997839
Montreal only beat them by 3 yet beat Laval. Go figure.
I think if we can keep our penalties down, work our ground game a bit more, we could beat Western which would be nice.

Meanwhile, out west, good to see Knox and the Bears doing so well.
While they lost to Calgary, they are doing well. He certainly helped turn that team right around.