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    Brian Dobie should let his DLineman who kicked our star DT in the nuts walk all the way home to Winnipeg (or maybe Croatia). The whole game turned on that penalty.

    The Positives

    -After being held to 8 yards on 4 carries in the first quarter, Adam Machart went off in the final 4 minutes of the second quarter, and all through the second half, totalling 219 yards on 23 carries. He'll be the Huskies' first CanWest M.V.P. since, I think, David Stevens. Correct me if I'm wrong (Did somebody get the award, perhaps, in the 2008-2010 stretch? I don't think so).
    -Ben Whiting is an incredible tackler (and player for that matter). Great instincts and doesn't allow defenders from his grasp.
    -Spent several plays just watching Nelson Lokombo; I think Dylan Barker is the only DB we've ever had who was better.
    -OLine played a great game against the best DLine the Dogs have faced this season, eventually wearing them down in the second half.
    -Josh Ewanchyna got the Dogs out front early with a great kick return to open the game.
    -Colton Klassen was impactful both as a receiver and rusher tonight - great game from #7.
    -Until his ugly Int. in the 4th quarter (why does he always have 1 head scratcher each game?), I thought this was Mason Nyhus' best game at QB.

    -In the second half, QB Des Catellier was Manitoba's entire offence, both through the air and on the ground. But one player can't get the job done against this defense, and that's why Manitoba's offence only scored 3 points in the second half.
    -The Bison DLine is very stout, and when Dobie stacked the box it made moving the ball on the ground very difficult.

    The Negatives

    -Horrible special teams play, apart from a couple of very good returns. Long snapping to our punter was piss poor, and a defender took a bad angle on a punt block attempt, contacting the kicker and handing Manitoba a first down.
    -Pass defence got picked on over the middle.
    -Total breakdown in coverage on Manitoba's TD at the end of the first half. Two receivers were left wide open at the back of the endzone.

    -As bad as the Huskie special teams were, Manitoba's were worse. Seemingly every snap to the punter was an adventure, they allowed a huge return to open the game, missed two field goals, and extended a Huskie drive with a roughing the kicker penalty of their own.
    -The DLineman who was kicked out of the game should have a lot to answer for to Brian Dobie; the Dogs found another gear after that dirty play.

    Hopefully Josh Ewanchyna's elbow injury, late in the game, doesn't see him out of action for too long. This has been a fun and rewarding team to watch these last two seasons. I hope the week off sees this team get healthy and even more prepared for the remainder of the season. Go Huskies!
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