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    This is a very important match for both teams :
    - To make playoffs (or at least to have better seeding)
    - To break that 4-game losing streak against Laurier. That streak's been going on for entirety of my undergrad days at Queen's so I hope this will be the one where Snyder breaks it.
    - To celebrate Laurier's homecoming as well. Hopefully the home crowd and Chappy have a blast as well.
    - To see who can have better offence in a battle of meh offences.
    - To see the battle of RBs : Gordon the CIS rushing leader vs. Tucker the up-and-coming back with 132 yards/game average

    Such a shame I won't be there because I have previous engagements to attend (including a CPL match previously agreed with my friends). But I'll be watching the game live online. GO GAELS GO!
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