This is the pre-season table and is NOT a ranking. The regular season starts Wednesday in the AUS and Friday in the CW. The OUA waits until October 2nd.

I have not double-checked all results. Sometimes games are added and not publicized very much.

There were also a lot of cancelled games. UNB and York started a game and had to abandon due to ice conditions, the Lakehead series with Laurentian was a victim of late renovations, and others were just voluntarily squelched.

In a disappointment, there were only three interlocking games between the OUA and AUS (out of four scheduled), and neither conference played a CW team. There also seem to be fewer than usual games against NCAA teams.

* indicates total includes a tie game
Conf. indicates overall conference record
Con-x indicates exhibition record within conference
CIS-x indicates exhibition record within CIS but outside conference
CIS indicates regular season and exhibition record against CIS teams
Other indicates record against non-CIS teams
Total indicates record against all teams