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Sherbrooke should have won that game. After the TD, Concordia was at their own 22 (the kick-off return was not particularly good) with 30 seconds left. The 15-yard penalty (UR) was on the first pass to Murphy, not the return. But the Sherbrooke defense allowed 3 consecutive long plays (what's good playing prevent D with 3-man pressure if you can't cover receivers properly with 9 man on coverage !!) so the Stingers crossed the field in a flash, almost 60 yards in 30 seconds, to be in a position to kick the victorious FG.

Great come back by the offense but terrible showing by the Vert & Or defense at the end of the game.
The Concordia defence didn't do much better in the second half of the 4th quarter by allowing Sherbrooke to score 20 points and take the lead. If they had been able to stop one of those drives there wouldn't have been the need for the last second comeback.