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Agreed, both Ds were excellent.

W.r.t. injuries, during the game Western probably had 5X as many players injured, winded, experiencing cramps or slow to get to their feet after plays. In the 4th Q they had 1 or 2 OLs on the ground, and slow to get up, after almost every other play.

Guelph was missing a bunch of players too, including starters on both lines AND touchdown-per-game kick returner Clark Barnes.

Peter, I didn't think going into this game that Western was going to win it due to injuries and what happened to them during the week. The team got hit by some kind of virus. Many of the players were ill, and with the heat and humidity in this game iI knew that it would take it's toll on them as the game went along. As you saw during the game many of the players went down for Western, but many were not injured. They were suffering from exhaustion, cramps and stomach illness. A few players even vomited on the the bench. Both teams slugged it out and both had chances to put points on the board. Interceptions, fumbles, penalties, and turnover on downs crippled both teams. There was lots of offense like you said, and for a 9 to 3 game was very entertaining. They will meet again as Guelph has really improved this year, and who knows what will happen in the playoffs.