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Interesting, I didn't know that about how the AUS players now see their participation in the bowl game. A bit sad too. I fully agree with your conclusion that "if the AUS players themselves don't enjoy it then it really is useless to trot them out there".

Come on, McMaster or Western would have performed better than Acadia against Montréal. They would have scored some points, perhaps not enough to beat Montréal but certainly not zero at home.

Actually, a new playoff system would benefit Montréal the most as they often fall to Laval in the Dunsmore Cup. But globally, a new playoff system would benefit U Sports and Canadian football university the most by having the four best teams in the nation face off in tight and entertaining games thus building a great hype for the Vanier Cup. Depending on the year, the vice-champion of a different conference (Canwest, RSEQ or OUA) could emerge and make its way to the Vanier Cup, just like we saw this year in women's rugby when Laval lost the conference championship to Ottawa, just to win the national championship a couple of weeks later. These redemption or payback stories are good for the fans and the sport in general.
You seem to think that there is some magic way to ensure the top 4 teams will meet in the semi-final games, and to ensure that they will be good games.

However, no matter how you fill a bracket, you could end up with two of the top teams facing each other in the quarter-finals. There is no system out there which guarantees the best teams will meet in the semi-finals, especially when the inputs to the system would be flawed rankings and standings involving teams that don't even play one another.

It is also notable that during this AUS dry spell, the non-AUS semi-final has also been a blowout more often than not, despite having "top 4" calibre teams playing in. An 8 team playoff does nothing to guarantee that we'll see good games in the semi. It does however drastically raise the expenses for USports to move from 3 national playoff games to 7. If people actually cared about those extra games, maybe it'd be worthwhile, but the semi-finals are already largely ignored. Quarter final games could end up being even less relevant.

If we're going to change the playoff format, we need to do it for the right reasons. It seems that most of the push behind the flawed 8 team format is to find a way to get more OUA teams involved, and to get both Montreal and Laval into the national playoffs instead of just one of them. Those just aren't very good reasons to make a change.