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If you pit the the champions and vice-champions of all conferences against one another in national quarter-finals, the winners of these quarter-finals should be the 4 best teams in the nation, right? Who else could be, unless you're telling me that 3 of the 4 best teams could come from the same conference and not the OUA? Not impossible but very unlikely.

No rankings or standings, just results on the field: you win your conference, you host a vice-champion for the quarter-final. The winners move on. Simple and efficient, yet keeping the importance of the conference championships.

Yes, I think the OUA should have more teams in the national quarter-finals (3) simply because... there are more teams in the OUA than in other conferences! And yes, if Laval and Montréal are among the four best teams, it's up to them to prove them by beating worthy opponents (remember that the RSEQ vice-champion would have to beat the champion of another conference on the road). But the same could be said of Western-McMaster or Calgary-Saskatchewan. I don't care which conference they come from, I want the best teams, that's all.
No, of course not. If we had vice-champion vs champion this year, one of those match-ups could've ended up being Laval vs Calgary in the first round. Based on what we've seen in this year's playoffs, they are both top 4 teams, but only one of them would get to the semi-finals.

Your logic is that AUS isn't unworthy, but then you're having both the AUS champion and AUS vice-champion play in quarter final games. You've creating two mismatched quarter final games, while two other sets of teams need to fight tooth and nail to get through. Instead of one AUS "bye", you've created two.

You can never guarantee the best 4 teams, no matter what you do. Heck, in any given year, it could be possible (albeit unlikely) that the best 4 teams are all in the same conference. Any playoff format is going to leave the possibility of the best teams meeting earlier in the bracket, just like the current format does by having Montreal and Laval play in what is essentially a national quarter final game. Adding a round slightly alleviates that, but it'd come at a heck of a cost.