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I also think it's close. I would switch UBC and Alberta though. I also think this might be the year Manitoba pushes for second. UBC has major QB question marks as does Alberta and Regina. Difference between the 3 is that Alberta is the only one returning a good run game. Also Alberta's defense is going to sneak up on people. It's not just Knox, they have players there. People won't believe me, but I was at the scrimmage last week, and can say that the DB group might be the best in Canwest. Basically all starters from last year have been pushed to the bench or cut entirely. The DB group absolutely killed the Bears last year, so I'm looking forward to seeing a team that isn't routinely having QBs throw for 400 yards on 90% passing.

Calgary *spits*
Regina's QB saw a lot of game time last year. I think that might allow them to get a head start into this season. They also have a history of churning out good QBs, so I wouldn't count on them having a letdown year just because one has graduated. Even when their teams are weak, their QBing usually is usually quite good.