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I wonder if we can fit six OUA teams in the top 10. Five might not be enough. The Bears deserve to be in there.
Well when AUS is placing 1 team on the list, it leaves the remaining 22 teams fighting it out for 9 spots. OUA has as many teams as all of CW and RSEQ combined. So in theory, based on their numerical strength, OUA should get 4.5 teams in the top 10, with the other 4.5 split between the rest.

Since we know that only 2 RSEQ teams will finish above .500 most years, that typically leaves 7 spots to split between CW and OUA. Given that, a 2/5 or 3/4 split between CW and OUA should be the most likely results. I've always found that the most difficult decisions for a top 10 involve comparing mid-level OUA and CW teams. Not only is there no interlock between them, but we also don't have every OUA team playing every other OUA team in a given season, so the strengths of schedule can make comparisons difficult (especially mid-season when we only have a few of those games played).

If one of the bottom RSEQ team can sweep their peers and get to .500, or a second AUS team can have a strong showing, then that further complicates those bottom few spots. Right now the RSEQ trio are all at just 1 win or less, so it'll be a while before they're knocking at the door. If they have parity with one another like last year, they all end up 2-6, which will keep them all out of contention. It is tough to say how any of them would actually fare against quality teams other than Montreal and Laval in a game that mattered. We can't really judge it given that no such game has happened since 2002.