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I don’t understand this perspective. I know most of the voters and people here don’t watch the games, but Rosary dropped a wide open pass in the EZ with a minute left. If the bears win, the voting would be way different. I’d rather see a revote from coaches now that they’ve seen film on all teams, or someone who isn’t just looking at box scores.
On the other hand, the Huskies were well ahead of the Bisons statistically. Turnovers and other self-inflicted wounds took what could've been a win into a bad loss.

For ranking teams, I'm very much about the result was the result (which means the Huskies got thumped and the Bears lost a tight one). But when trying to predict how a team will perform in the future, it is useful to look at those other factors.

I think some top 10 voters when faced with close teams will make sure they rank teams who they think will be better going forward ahead, rather than who actually played better so far. Nothing necessarily wrong with that. It is a bit ambiguous as to whether a voter should be saying they believe these are the top 10 teams right now, or whether they should be saying that they believe that these are the top 10 performances thus far. There can be a difference.