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    Quote Originally Posted by DSquared View Post
    I'm actually ok with Mac moving down after a medicore showing, it at least gives me a bit of confidence some games were watched.

    I'm not sure I get Acadia at 5, Alberta not making the list and Toronto hasn't won a game of significance yet.
    Have to see how some CW teams measure up against some oua teams this year
    Laval, mtl and possibly western and Calgary are most likely the teams to beat, again
    Tough to gauge and pick a solid top ten just yet until we see a couple more games and how these games play out
    Maybe just younger players taking some time to adjust,
    There are teams that are getting stronger, while ubc took a bit of Tumble. Will ubc turn it around and become more competitive
    Acadia really hammered St. Fx and SMU, I'd put them around the 8 spot ... For now
    Sask is looking pretty good, Alberta has a low score on off and teams are getting points on the board against them, but that could change. It's close. Not like the way things are for UBC right now.
    The difference in rating u of t in the top 10, at the # 10 spot might be in addition to their consistent production, yards on offence, They beat Windsor by 28, where Waterloo beat them by 7, Queen's beat them by 7
    That said, they just made the top 10,
    Overall I feel more time is needed to evaluate teams this year, the loss of some players is impacting teams,
    Some are just finding themselves. Things should pick up in the next couple games
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