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Mac wins 25 - 10.
Whoo Hoo! Mac is BACK!

After that opening kickoff, it was all Mac, although Guelph did shoot themselves in the foot with penalties.

Dueck did everything I've been wanting him to: accurate passes, and the occasional run. And the OLine gave him time to do it. Play calling was MUCH IMPROVED over last year, with new coaching staff.

The D is just as good as last year, if a little different, with that DLine playing off the Line of Scrimmage, but hey, it works.

Specials need work. Preocanin is NOT a premier kicker, and that initial Guelph score should not have happened.

I'm happy: if Guelph was supposed to be a Yates contender, and they were dominated by Mac today, then Mac sure as heck is a contender as well.