It seems that the CFL backed the wrong horse AGAIN, the Lenkov ( we're not even sure if it's still both bros or just one ) have failed to secure the necessary financing.

Enters Clifford Starke stage left....The Mtl based entrepreneur has contacted CFL commish Ambrosie to express his interest in buying the team. Possibly with some form of
partnership with the Bronfman's Claridge Group. And some involvement of Larry Smith.

Starke summed up my feelings on this whole process with this quote: “I’m still interested, 100 per cent,” Starke told The Gazette. “But we don’t know what to do anymore. It’s ridiculous. This situation gets worse and worse. The Montreal fans must think this is a complete joke. There’s something missing. It seems never-ending."

Surprising absolutely no one I'm sure, the CFL has not responded to inquiries and messages asking for comments.