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Thread: The russians are leaving..! The Russians are leaving !!

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    According to Herb Zurkowsky of the Gazette, sources at CFL HQ have told him the Lenkov Bros are back , and for good this time.
    An official anouncement is expected in a week to 10 days confirming the sale of 51% of the ALS to the russians, with Pierre Boivin and Claridge Investment holding the other 49%.

    For those who don't know...Claridge is the group associated with Stephen Bronfman who is working to bring an MLB team back to Montreal and who recently took an option on one of the rare
    piece of land left in downtown Mtl ( the Peel bassin ) for new MLB Stadium construction. As for Pierre Boivin, he is a former HABS president and the father of Patrick Boivin, the present day ALS president.

    Of course, this being the CFL , we all have time to die and be reincarnate as football players for the ALS in time for their move to their new Dome Stadium on one of the moons of Jupiter
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    Train ride to a home game..$80, season tickets $198. Beer and hotdogs at the game $20, Championship Cap and player's jersey,$100.
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    Being a fan of the only team with 4 consecutive years in the Championship Game, 3 Vanier Cups in front of THEM , 9 Vanier Cups ahead of UdeMontreal...PRICELESS

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