Anyone else watching this? Another pile of garbage from Ontario. Biggest province, most number of HS football programs and continued shitting of the bed.

Second half performance by SASK yesterday in the Canada game suggests they will struggle against Quebec who, if they can control the penalties, should dominate the gold medal game. QC game vs AB was really quite good and I thought AB was going to squeeze by but QC did enough. Hard fought game.

Not much to be said about the other 4 teams in the tourney. Some good players on each but lacking depth to make a run.

I'm sure all provinces struggle to get the best kids out to this tournament but it seems like Ontario routinely does a horrible job in this regard. Team selection is really quite bad. I know of players selected in this tournament and in previous years who werent even the best at their position for their summer teams. Seems selection criteria for many of these coaches is based on trying to curry favor and goodwill for their Universitiy teams than ensuring the BEST players are selected.