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I understand that this makes sense with TSN broadcasting as many NCAA games as they do. But I still find it sad.

The Gord Grace/Leo MacPherson decision for the CIS to sign their "last" broadcast deal with Sportsnet, without giving TSN an opportunity, was a disaster. TSN would clearly have been the better partner.

The fact that TSN handles the CFL, and they broadcast the CFC Prospects game, is encouraging. Now Krown Countdown. Maybe there is still some hope for U Sport football to make a comeback.

Best we can hope for in the short term, I guess.
TSN was always the better option for USports football, but Rogers offered better coverage for the championships of the others sports (whereas TSN pretty much only cared about the Vanier).

It'd be interesting to hear how USports feels about their deal right now. TSN is still the far better option for football, given their coverage of the CFL and now the CFC Prospects game. Is Rogers doing enough with the other sports to make it worthwhile? Would TSN be interested in matching on that aspect? Could USports split the contract and have bidding for football and the rest of the sports separate, or would that devalue everything else too much?