So here I was, sitting at home and I get a twitter notice that Luc Bodeur-Jourdain the Als Center and former all-everything at Laval is retiring after the Home opener game against the Ti-Cats on July 4th

I said to's been a while since I've been to an Als game, I should call Sophie ( my sister ) who lives in Mtl and see if she wants to go.
I know what you are going to say....: "You have a sister in Montreal!!!!! " . And the answer is . Yes , I do. She is a grown woman and allowed to her own bad choices...there is a limt to what a big brother can do to protect his kid sister

But I got distracted from why I'm posting. Like I said I had not been to an Als game in a while and I had a bit of a shock when I checked the tickets prices
$69 ( tax incl.) a head to sit on the 10yrs line !?!? Seriously ??
Not that I would have to sit on the 10yrd line, they have tickets available all over the stadium except for the sections usually sold as season tickets.
Of course pretty much all the other choices would carry me over a $100 per person without any food, drinks and adding the cost of going to Mtl and back.

You can ask Fenris..I'm not a Scrooge or some penny-pinching grumpy old guy.
Call me crazy but if I am to pay to sit and be able to actually SEE 3+ hrs of very ugly football
( 1hrs of bad Als Offense and another 2 hrs of even worse Als Defense ) I take for granted the ti-Cats WILL trounce them AGAIN.
I don't want it to cost me $22 less than my R&O season tickets budget which includes a Vanier Cup ticket .