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I don't know what Mr. Guzzo has been smoking over past 6 months to propose such a ludicrous idea of having Maciocia and Constantin work together for Als. It'd like saying if Auriemma and McGraw will ever be co-HCs for the US women's national basketball team.
He wanted to bring in Greg Marshall as OC too. He also wanted USports players for most of the starting positions.

While I applaud his adoration of USports football, and understand how pushing Quebec athletes helps the Als sell tickets, I think his plan may have buried the Als for good. Especially since it relied on him dictating to the best USports coaches to drop what they're doing and come work for him (and with each other), and buy into his vision for the team (which they wouldn't).

It would be like me buying an NFL team, then bringing in all the CFLs best coaches and players to prove a point about how great the CFL is. It'd be a really fun experiment for CFL fans to watch, but pretty awful for the poor NFL team that had to endure it.

Fantasy football is best kept as a fantasy, rather than a business plan for a real team.