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If it is true then it is a good thing. Men now make up less then 50% of the student population. Something needs to light a fire under many of today's young men so that they will strive to get a university education.
Having been a teacher, I've seen special programs to encourage women to get into stem (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs since there were much more men. In computer science for example, 90% of applicant were men.

Many such programs exist in the USA, in Canada en in Quebec. I've NEVER seen one program to encourage young men to go in medecide (for example) yet, in quebec, 70% of applicant are women. I don't say no such programs exist, just that I haven't seen one yet.

Some fields like primary school teaching, biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, and many others are dominated by women. I find that acceptable. What I don't find acceptable is the unbalance in the number of programs to encourage men and women.

Don't dream, It will stay like that for quite some time. We don't need to light a fire under any young men, just giving them equal support would be good.