Boston College's success in the Doug Flutie era led to a significant growth in applications. The phenomena was called the Flutie Effect.

Here are some numbers from Clemson ...

Football success ➡️ Brand Growth ➡️ Increasing academic standards at Clemson:

Fall 2008: 15,542 students applied | Average SAT: 1227
Fall 2018: 28,845 students applied | Average SAT: 1308

That's an 86% increase in applicants over the past 10 years.

More recently, 23,506 students applied to Clemson in Fall 2016, right after Clemson played for the National Title & lost.

After winning the National Title in Jan. 2017 & playing in another Playoff in Jan. 2018, 28,845 students applied in Fall 2018 -- 22.7% increase in 2 years.

All numbers courtesy of Clemson University Fact Sheets on !