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    This season one will be able to take a train to Gee-Gees Field for a game---and to the main uOttawa campus. Phase One of a three phase LRT construction. As of now the trains are running empty to test the system before it is open to the public.This video gives a view of it for those who are into urban trains, The first station in the video is Lees and it is just a two minute walk to the entrance to Gee-Gees Field.

    I know--a stretch to make this a part of OUA football--but news is kind of slow this time of year--so here it is.

    http://<iframe width="666" height="3...ure"></iframe>
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    Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa adopted its official colours Garnet and Grey, and like many nineteenth-century institutions, the athletics teams were known only by the school's colours. Eventually, a connection was made between the shorthand "GGs" and "Gee-Gee", the common British nickname for a racehorse. The unique Gee-Gees name and iconic logo known today is a result of 170 years of history in Ottawa

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