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From the report on the football strategy session ...

Sounds like there is agreement to deal with some overdue "housekeeping" issues, primarily compliance, but nothing at this time on more important issues like a national TV deal.
I wouldn't undersell how important it is for them to get the compliance issues right. How many conferences have had seasons derailed due to eligibility issues. Forfeits have become way to common.

Heck, SMU just spent almost half a million in lawsuits to fight over a player's eligibility. USports and the AUS had some pretty good bills on that one too. SMU took some heat for spending like that. However, given that they essentially won the battle, it seems that they were in the right on this. It highlighted the need for better regulations and a better system.

Compliance and eligibility are not as exciting as playoffs, interlock, or just general parity. However, a governing body needs to be able to get the basics right if they're going to tackle the bigger stuff.