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The discussion has broadened since the last summit. We will likely have 160 Canadians playing in the NCAA in 2019. High School-aged players at the top end are leaving for US-based academies at earlier ages depleting programs and regions of top talent.
Ontario has 4 or 5 "football academies" playing full schedules against American schools, in addition to losing dozens of players to the US-based academies. Guelph has a recruiter visiting Canadians at academies in Florida this week. He is sometimes meeting with as many as 5 or 6 Ontario kids at just one academy.

Taking 250(?) top players out of the high school leagues impacts the whole system negatively. Players are more likely to leave for an academy if they play on a weak or mediocre HS team than if they play for a highly successful school program. That is creating even greater disparity in Ontario high school leagues. There are several Ontario cities where the leagues look like the RSEQ, with a Laval-like perennial champion, possibly, but not always, a UdeM-type team that might occasionally win/compete, and a bunch of other teams with no hope.