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    Nice crowd at Laval for the R&O vs Gaels game friday night.

    Laval won in 5 sets and move to the semi against Trinity saturday night ( well tonight now I guess ...since I'm up watching the Australian F1 qualification live )
    Train ride to a home game..$80, season tickets $198. Beer and hotdogs at the game $20, Championship Cap and player's jersey,$100.
    Trip to Vanier Cup 2012,$500. Trip to 2013 Vanier Cup and having a cool lunch with Jim Mullin the next day, $200.
    Being a fan of the only team with 4 consecutive years in the Championship Game, 3 Vanier Cups in front of THEM , 9 Vanier Cups ahead of UdeMontreal...PRICELESS

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    It was a great game going all the down to the final minute. Given how Laval's been that perennial powerhouse, as well as having arguably the most experienced OH in CIS at this point in time, Queen's fought valiantly. Unfortunately it wasn't enough and they'll have to face McMaster for the third time this season...
    Gaels & Rouge et Or Baby!

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