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from doing reading, i actually think the SAT-sidoo-IMG-UBC QB connection is just coincidence...... it seems like sidoo, if guilty, may have got onto the IMG test taker through that orange county main guy. and not from some prior dealing with IMG football (lots of good canadian football players have gone through there)
It is my understanding from reading on the case from various sources including the DOJ , and the Racketeering Indictment, that the guy who set up the whole thing had bought off /corrupted a relatively small number of examiners and proctors across the country. It makes sense because each additional approach would be one more risk of stumbling unto an honest person who could run to the cops . The IMG tennis coach just happened to be "for sale", as were apparently a whole bunch of ppl at USC , both soccer coaches, an Ass.A.D. the water-polo coach ( water-polo..really!?!? I haven't seen anyone into College's water-polo since Star Trek :Enterprise went of the airs ) etc...etc.. .
California appears to have been the most fertile ground for corrupt and /or corruptible people ( anyone surprised ? ) with Mass and Tx fighting for 2nd place and really giving it the "good old college try" .