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Thread: McMaster Women National Basketball Champs!

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    Well, what a run by McMaster women. They always had the firepower the two years before that, but were defensively prone as a team on key moments (that, and also facing all-time Carleton teams for 2 straight OUA final fours). I still remember them blowing a 20-point halftime lead against Queen's back in November 2017...and boy have they gone long way since the and for the best.

    For both Laval and McMaster women, they have been the really run-and-gun team on their respective conference the past few seasons. The difference this year compared to last 4 years (Laval's 2016-17 run as #7 seed aside), however, was that both teams have really improved their defensive calibre overall (in a relative sense, not overall) and boom. It showed right there on playoffs and nationals. Congratulations, what a feat!
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